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1.>> NAL to Induct 34 New Members, Invests 11 New Fellows
The Nigerian Academy of Letters (NAL) has slated 34 scholars across disciplines for induction and 11 members to be invested as new Fellows at its 24th convocation and induction programme, which holds from Wednesday, August 10 to Friday, August 12, 2022...
2022-08-01 13:34:28
2.>> Women in Yoruba Religions (Women in Religions) by Oyeronke Olademo
A new book that uncovers the influence of Yoruba culture on women's religious lives and leadership in religions practiced by Yoruba people.

Women in Yoruba Religions examines the profound influence of Yoruba culture in Yoruba religion, Christianity, Islam, and Afro-Diasporic religions such as Santeria and Candomble, placing gender relations in historical and social contexts...

2022-08-01 14:18:30




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